Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Let's Talk About the Benefits of Exercising

With  New Years fast approaching and those resolutions for exercising  about to start, I thought it would be timely to inform you of all the benefits of exercising.  So many times we exercise just to look better or to lose weight when there are so many other wonderful benefits that happen to our bodies.  I hope that knowing these things will help you to keep that resolution of getting healthy this year!

These benefits are not listed in order of importance- so here goes!

1.  Decrease your risk of heart disease
2.  Decrease your blood sugar levels
3.  Decrease your risk of stroke
4.  Decrease your blood pressure
5.  Decrease your resting heart rate
6.  Decrease your risk for certain kinds of cancer
7.  Decrease your cholesterol levels- the bad kind
8.  Increase your HDL- the good kind of cholesterol
9.  Improve heart functions
10.  Improve cardiac output (how much blood is pumped with each beat of your heart)
11.  Improve your overall mood
12.  Decrease stress levels
13.  Improve your quality of sleep
14.  Improve mental focus
15.  Improve flexibility
16.  Decrease risk of osteoporosis
17.  Improve muscle strength
18.  Improved joints due to muscle strength increasing
19.  Strengthens lungs
20.  Increased amount of oxygen pumping through your body
21.  Improves endurance
22.  Improves reflexes and reaction time
23.  Reduces anxiety
24.  Improves self-esteem
25.  Decreases depression
26.  Burn more calories
27.  Decrease weight
28.  Reduces amount of fat in the body
29.  Increases  lean muscle mass in the body
30.  Increases metabolism
31.  Reduces risk of type II diabetes
32.  Helps control type II diabetes if you already have it
33.  Increases energy levels
34.  Boosts immune systems
35.  Improves coordination

I hope you will read this list and realize all the incredible benefits that our body receives from exercising.  And, when you are about ready to give up, or think  you don't have enough time or it's just too hard, I hope you recall this list and keep on exercising!!

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